Sickle Cell 101

Back to the basics – a clear explanation to better understand sickle cell anemia and how it is passed on. Understanding how a disease can be passed on is extremely important so you can plan accordingly when it comes to having kids. This is even more important for patients who are carriers of a disease,…

Sickle Cell Medications

Many have requested information on currently approved medications for sickle cell. Hydroxyurea is still the gold standard for treatment and is the only medication we can say will make you live longer with sickle cell. BABY-HUG studied the effectiveness of hydroxyurea on babies, specifically looking at reducing pain episodes and organ damage. It does cause…

Managing Sickle Cell Pain

Pain is always a hot topic – and many underestimate the power of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatories), my personal fav being naproxen. When you are having a sickle cell crisis, your body is in a pro-inflammatory state, so taking medications like naproxen actually address one of the causes of your pain. Opioids are definitely stronger analgesics…

Hemophilia 101

Several patients have asked how they can explain what hemophilia is to their friends. Here is a simplified way to understand the pathophysiology behind this bleeding disorder.

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