About Me

the face behind theHemeNP

Hi everyone! My name is Maya Bloomberg and I am a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in non-malignant hematology. I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland before attending the University of Miami School of Nursing and Health Science, where I earned my Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) and Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN).

I started my career 10 years ago in the Uhealth system as a registered nurse on a medical/surgical/telemetry unit and transitioned to my current role as a hematology Nurse Practitioner over 6 years ago. My main area of expertise is in bleeding disorders (i.e. hemophilia, von willebrand disease) and sickle cell anemia, which has shed light on the significant health and racial disparities that exist in modern medicine.

The pandemic highlighted significant racial disparities, especially within the healthcare system, which is what prompted me to start my instagram page (@theHemeNP) to bridge this gap. I am hoping to use my platform to share information on all things hematology, and have this be a reliable source for sound information. I am extremely passionate about my patients and believe the more knowledge you have, the better you can advocate for yourself and your health!

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband Drew, 3 kids – Mika (3) Asher (1) and Kyla (1), and our furbaby Jessie! I LOVE food and all things dessert 😊

DISCLOSURE – this account is intended to provide general information on hematology, and not medical advice for any particular patient. This account represents my own opinions and not those of University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Health System.